Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster Tools is a web interface provided by Google free of charge. It is widely used by webmasters to check their website indexing and optimize the overall website ranking in the search engines. Such a check is essential for the Search Engine Optimization of every site and it is the only proven way to position better in web searches.

The Google webmaster guidelines are a set of suggested practices that Google has provided to webmasters as guidance. These guidelines help ensure a web site can be found, ranked and indexed by Google. Websites that violate these guidelines can lose their ranking and be penalized by Google.

Google’s Webmaster tools is a set of tools offered by Google to give publishers a look at how their website is seen by the search engine. It provides reports and data that can help you understand how different pages on your website are appearing in search results. It shows you the search queries where a page from your website appears in the results and how often it is clicked.